And we're back. 

Chloe and I are well aware we've been MAH-JOR slackers recently. Or not...so...recently. 

You can and should blame a certain institution. University. Not a whole lot of fun let me tell you, especially in third year. But well worth it in the long run. At least that's what we like to tell ourselves.

Holidays are here and you know what that means-- more free time to do the things we love, and spend time with people we love. 
Things we love: Blogging. Shoes.
People we love: Family. Friends. Boyfriends who don't quite know it yet. Yes I'm talking about you Ryan Gosling.

All is well and good now fellow bloggers/stylejunkies/PROcrastinators

We're here to stay, and keep the post-ball rolling. 

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